Eerie sounding ice cream truck

Ever feel like your memories aren’t serving you correctly? I love that phrase, you know, “if my memory serves me correctly……” Does your memory really serve you? Maybe your senses do, but is your memory a sense? Like the 6th sense? Maybe another post is in order.

So my memory wasn’t serving me so well on a recent trip to LA. I was parking my car when I heard an eerie ping rattle through the picturesque trees of the neighborhood. My ears took notice, not because it was particularly loud, but because of the sound. It was like a submarine hunting enemy ships, torpedoes at the ready.

I turned to see what the hell was making that cool noise, an ice cream truck. These people, the mongers of cheap ice cream (brother confirmed the cheapness by buying from them) figured out a way to call children like pipers from Hamlin to their truck, tricking them into purchasing cheap wares with subliminal sonic messaging.

The sound was too cool. Not high pitched or intrusive, just loud enough to hear (and return the sound). The ping wasn’t repeated at fast intervals either. Just a ping every 30 seconds or so. Even the truck moved slowly, calling to all the fishes in the sea. I thought this was a scene from a movie, real horror show. The hot weather that weekend seemed to deepen the feeling you got from listening to the sound and watching the truck move down the street.

Maybe the relevance of this post is to warn people that submarine ice cream trucks might be coming to their neighborhoods soon (among other horrible things like a a shit economy).