And here we go. Here we go. The end of the end for today as the sun is still up and we go down to the end. Are you afraid of the end?

I guess is am not since I keep writing about it and you keep reading. The end incorporates the philosophical end to the end of the end, maybe of the world. But who cares? I guess if you really care, then you believe in a God, a d you know where the end is, and when it will come. Take heed.

And if you aren’t, you are maybe afraid of the start. A woman in front of you wanting to start is a good sign. A man wanting to start anything should be klaxons and smoke. People that have no regard for klaxons should die, haut to inject something. Klaxons should pique interest, not confuse.

A d when they are garbage people, they should fear their safety, but that’s not for me to figure out, that’s for them to learn and understand.

But not tonight.