POHH Pahhhhhhh, POHH Pahhhhhhh

The Empire Strikes Back is a horribly dark movie. There is no build to heroic resolution, just calamity after calamity, ending with Han Solo being frozen and taken way, Luke learning the truth about his family and then getting his hand chopped off. Quite horrible. It seems that this day was bad for the technology sector in San Francisco in the same way it was for the Rebel Alliance. Just like the evil Empire striking back, it seems the City has disrupted back.

The SFMTA has just enacted a law restricting travel on Market street between 8th and 3rd Street. No turns will be allowed onto Market Street, greatly reducing the number of vehicles in the busy Financial District of downtown. This will make it safer for everyone. Commercial vehicles will still be allowed on the street, as will taxis.

Here is where the disruption comes in; rideshare companies will not be allowed to make money using city resources. A lot of tech ‘disruption’ revolves around a few smart people identifying a legal loophole, and exploiting it (rideshares). Rideshare companies do not make their drivers pay commercial taxes or fees, but still use the road to make money. Those fees go to pay for things like infrastructure improvements, road work, police, etc. Taxis pay for their ‘office,’ but rideshare companies don’t.

The City just disrupted them. Listening to them complain about not being able to break the law while putting hundreds of cars on the street and pollution in the air without paying for the services to manage the damage they do is laughable. I hope that the City continues to rein in the baloney.


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